Home made cinnamon hair growth oil 

Cinnamon and olive oil both both improve the circulation in your scalp to stimulate the follicles which then produces thicker strands. 

You can also watch how to make the Cinnamon Hair Growth Oil video.  It’s ABC easy and you can make this for only pennies not even breaking the bank. 
Benefits in Cinnamon: 

-stimulates hair growth 

-improves blood circulation in the scalp




-Antiseptic properties 

-Removes impurities from hair and scalp
Benefits of Olive Oil:

-vitamin A, E & K




-AIDS split ends 

-Promotes shiny, soft hair

-improves blood circulation in scalp-

-stimulates follicles to produce thicker strands 

-loaded in rich moisturizing properties

-Glass Jar

-cinnamon sticks 

-olive Oil 
To Do: pour over cinnamon sticks and let steep for 3-4 weeks.
How To: apply small amount everyday using ball of fingers and massage for 10 minutes throughout entire scalp. 
Hope you enjoyed! Let me know how you like it and leave and questions or comments. 
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