The Come  Back Of My Curls After Bleach Damage And Negligence. 

The reason for me creating this blog was to encourage other woman out there that have let their hair down by over processing and improper hair care or neglecting  to care for the their hair at all. I went from dying my hair brown, red blonde, bleach blondes, rainbows of colors and then black without properly caring for my hair the right way and worst of all using hot tools on a daily basis to keep my hair looking sleek by straightening or creating beach waves with a curling iron.  I use to wash my hair with shampoos  and conditioners that had harmful ingredients in them and added additional damage to my hair. I basically did the exact opposite of what a woman would do to her hair especially curly hair which requires extra TLC. 

Below I show pictures of the transition of my hair from healthy, moisturized, shiny and bouncy curls to unhealthy, dry, dull and less defined curls.  

My hair before the over processing, wrong hair care and hot tools. 

My hair while each hair dye while curly.

My hair after going back to my dark hair and over processing my hair. You can see how my hair looks dry and my curls are almost gone because they became so weak and fragile. 

My hair now after several weeks of consistent hair care with the right natural hair products and DYI natural treatments adding all the nutrients that has been stripped  away with improper care and over processing. This requires A LOT of patience I have to admit. If you’re anything like me you will expect results instantly after treating your hair once. 

Everything I post on my blog I do for myself or try it out. I tried the LOC method and the first time it was not so pleasing and that’s because I applied too much of the oil and conditioner (butter) in my hair. The second time around it was better and less oily. The LOC method really does moisturize your hair. However, you must try out the amount you apply on your hair a few times before you get the perfect amount for your hair type, again all this is a process just like it was a process to damage your hair. 

These are the products I like to pair up when I’m styling my hair. These are the products I started out with and I can honestly say when paired up my hair looks wonderful. 

Below is my first choice in pairing products for styling. Cantu Shea butter MOISTURIZING curl activator cream and Quidad CURL QUENCHER Moisturizing Styling  Gel. I love pairing these two products because it creates the most definition and it moisturizes my hair a lot which is very important for my thirsty curls. Oh and of course I absolutely love the tropical scent in the Cantu cream. 

My second choice in pairing products for styling are MARULA (CURL THERAPY) diffusing & styling lotion by Carols Daughter.  I like the lotion a lot becaue it’s a very lightweight lotion so it doesn’t weigh down my curls  which it’s important for me because I have thin hair and Quidad CURL QUENCHER Moisturizing Styling  Gel it’s the perfect gel with the right amount of moisture and curl difinition. 

My third pairing fave is the LOC method which it’s abbreviated for lotion, oil and cream and this is an awesome way to define and moisturize without reapply your products on a daily basis. Now I have to admit I only tried this method twice and the first time was a fail due to too much oil and cream application as I mentioned earlier and the second time was better but still a little but too oily so I decided to change the leave in conditioner to the curl activating Cantu cream and it’s better for me. Also, I like to refresh my curls with rosemary water in a spray bottle and spritz my hair throughout the day which adds shine and rehydrates my curls. You can get the rosemary recipe on my previous post. 

Rosemary water in a spray bottle 


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