My hair Epiphany

Hi my name is Ingrid and I am here to share my natural hair journey with you and also help answer questions regarding your curly hair concerns. 

Well, I have to admit that I haven’t felt this exited in a very long time so thank you for taking your time out to check my blog out  and allow me to walk through this journey with you. I will admit its a bit intimidating at first simply because most of us that decide to go on the natural curly hair journey  path have adapted to what the magazines, and TV have conditioned us to think is beauty and the best way to wear and tame your hair.  However, all we’ve  been doing is destroying our beautiful curls on our hair by applying the wrong products striping away our natural oils and crippling  our curl pattern and definition with burning hot tools. You have to care for your hair just like you would care for your body to lose weight or gain more energy your hair needs to receive  a lot of tender love and care. 

Ok, so my hair Epiphany came right after coming out of the salon one spring evening, I had my hair touched  up on my roots with bleach and lighted my hair more than what it was; I then proceeded with rollers, went under the dryer and once I was all dried up my stylist straightened my hair with the blower to remove the pin marks on the top of the hair where the pins are placed to hold the rollers in place. When I got home I went to pick up my hair into a ponytail to start cooking and as I brushed my hair with my fingers to even out my strands I ripped my hair on my nape area.  When I saw the amount of hair that ripped off without any force of my fingers I literally  started to cry and I mean the ugly dramatic cry us girls do when we have our emotions running wild in us lol. 

So out of desperation I went to the pharmacy the next day and bought a red box hair dye assuming that maybe a darker color will erase the damage I’ve  done to my hair. I was so happy and excited to dye my hair red for the two reasons below:

1. I thought it was going to magically recover from weak strands to strong strands. 

2. I thought darker hair makes hair healthier. Actually, I was told this in the salon that chemicals in the dark hair dye is not bad for the hair so I mean why not take advise from a “professional colorist” right? Lol. 

Furthermore, I transformed my hair from bleach blonde to burgandy red! Ok, now this  is when my cry turned into now a terrible two’s tantrum! I put some products that claimed to create great curl definition like gel and mouse and then I dried my hair with a diffuser and OMG after my hair was all dried up and I looked into the mirror.  I litterally looked as if I have been hit by lighting!  This was devastating to and I  honestly wanted to pull a Britney Spears act and  shave all my hair off my head! I tied my hair up in a bun and went to my room like a big kid and started my tantrum while calling my mom complaining to her about what I’ve  done to my hair and why she didn’t  talk more sense than what she already tried before I decided to be a blonde lol. 

I then went to my hair stylist/colorist and showed her what I’ve  done she laughed at my craziness and then said I’m  making you a brunette again and no more dying your hair.  I agreed because while she was talking to me I was very emotional with teary eyes. unfortunately, my hair  still did not snap back to the way it was before all the damage; I had completely lost all my curls and my hair looked horribly dry when I let it air dry. The  only way my hair  looked healthy was when I blew it out and straightened it with a flat iron or used a magic wand for beach waves which quickly became my signature look since my curls were lifeless. 

You will think I’m crazy for doing this but crazy is good if its leading you towards a clearer path or helping you direct your thoughts towards something positive and making  sense out of things in your life.  I sat down in a yogi positioned put my hands together in a praying position and prayed for clarity in my mind to help me help me and by helping me I meant my hair.

Finally,  I continued to meditate and pray in a yogi position everyday at the same time and taking relaxing walks alone in the park to appreciate the natural beauty a bit more like the unfiltered, untouched, and un-processed leaves trees, grass, sky, sun and  birds etc. I can’t explain why I started doing this but I just did and it hit me after a week of doing this that was the beginning answer to my natural curly hair journey. This is when I made an oath to myself and hair that I will cherish and care for them the way I’ve  never done and make them CURLFIDANT again! like the saying goes “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE UNTILL YOU LOSE IT”


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  1. Marlene
    Feb 17, 2015 @ 05:44:57

    I must say that I am truly proud of you. thank you for sharing your story. And thank you for pushing me to do the right thing by my hair. And also for giving me the curlfidance that I need. Your doing it Ingrid and I know I said this but I’m really happy and proud of you and this. I feel like a proud momma. Just that im younger than you and your my sister lol

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    • curlfidantlife
      Feb 17, 2015 @ 17:48:11

      Awwww I’m feeling the love! ❤️ Thank you for believing in me and most important believing in yourself and making the right decision for your hairs well beings and health. Trust me you will be so proud of yourself once you start to see the results.



  2. Ash
    Sep 02, 2015 @ 04:55:21

    I came across your blog about 2 months ago and it was just what I needed to read! I love how detailed you’re and how helpful you were in the selection of products. I had beautiful long curly natural hair but I bleached it so much it does not curl for anything. I’ve recently purchased most of the products in your blog, and it’s been about a month since I’ve tried your methods. My hair still doesn’t curl but I’m trying to have patience; I just want to shave it all off and start from scratch lol. Do you think going back to dark helped your hair? I’m stuck deciding whether or not I should just go dark or not. And if my hair grows out from the bleach would it ever curl again? Thanks again for this blog!

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    • curlfident
      Oct 01, 2015 @ 15:53:41

      Hi Ash! Ash I’m so happy you decided to start your au-natural hair journey! Thank you so much for the complement. . Ash, when I started the ay-natural hair journey my hair was in horrible condition my hair did not curl at all and I had stringy strands almost like a mop for months before they finally sprung back to life, but this only happened because I put in the “ugly-Betty” work and dedication. I accepted the reality of going through an unappealing stage with the bad condition of my hair while caring for it with a whole lot of TLC ( Tender, Love and Care). I turned my bathroom into a hair lab and kitchen with the DIY treatments. About 6-8 months of following up with my hair routine consistently and being very patient I started to see results and my hair went from weak lifeless strands to beautiful strong, defined curls. Ash, please don’t give up hope this is not an easy journey but it’s achievable it’s the same as wanting to lose weight you have to change your eating habits and start working out or getting a degree in college you have to pay attention and put in the work in studying. You have to dedicate your time to your beautiful hair. It’s still your hair no matter the condition it’s just down and in bad shape but once you start to nurture your beautiful hair with all the right ingredients you will see your hair start to blossom after its recovery, but first it has to go through rehab a detox and you’ll see the changes. Trust me I too was in your shoes or worse and I accomplished my hair goal now I’m on the length goals. I’m here to help you walk this amazing journey. Ask me any questions I’ll be more than happy to answer to the best of My knowledge.



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